Father’s Day can be a nostalgic time for widowers.

We celebrate all fathers everywhere. However for a widower it can be a time of great pain. There are many reminders on TV and in advertisements everywhere of happy families gathered together to celebrate the day. But for the widower there is the empty void. Most people will not recognize and acknowledge this emptiness.
On this Father’s Day, reach out to the one you know and recognize his loss by encouraging him to share some of his favorite memories of his late wife. Maybe you don’t know exactly what to say but just let him know you do care by being inclusive. It will make the day a little easier for him.
This was especially true for me as my children were many states away and not able to be with me. A good friend and his wife invited me to dinner with their family. That made the day much less painful for me.
When you reach out to someone, it will make all the difference in the world to them.